This journal/blog is my philosophy. Much of it still in its primordial constituants moving at differing rates of change in an infinite varieties of direction. I make no more claim on their truth as a whole than of any other developing idea, though I lay them out with candor. I do hope that in the end the philosophy has time to solidify. I am hoping to be writing for the next fifty or more years. If interested, check out my default method.
It would make no sense to write it down, should it not relate very much to base level truth, and therefore be not defensible, not merley Lowell’s Martian canal system, Oh Lowell made more than enough brilliant breakthroughs during his several decades of artistic endeavor to be of developmental value, but his overall goal was laid to rest. He learned, stimulated his mind and imagined, and I can imagine how that would all have snapped into place for me as well, should that have been my endeavor.
Lowell's  Martian Canal System /  My Epithelial Cells and Bacteria

Lowell’s Martian Canal System / My Epithelial Cells and Bacteria

I do find it validating that there have been shown to be some means, desired or not, by which the eye can loop back and view itself. This I apply to myself to explain some of the organisms, that at time float across my vission. they are cells and bacteria. All of which I have seen under a microscope.

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