My Default Methodology

I start with my known perceptions, refine protruding axioms and theorems, and attempt to formulate relations between any and all perceptions and other ideas, theories, and logical systems available to my psyche.

As typing and speaking are not fast enough for me to capture all the distillations of those varied essences but rather I have a pan, as of drippings,  which as a whole moistens and enlivens the meat on hand. The sheer effort involved with writing fast enough to get a thought down before it flees has not, to me, been possible.

I leave the eureka, the aha, of future proofs to those interested enough to investigate, for it will be they who will most benefit, should any of my musings prove to be constructive.

I forget much more than I care to admit. A phone number might take a few repetitions of mental sounding before I am able to dial. In short, I remember concepts. When I incorporate concepts into my my thinking, separation is not always easy.

Often, when I finish thinking, my mind coordinates the new idea with my psyche, or alternately lets the concept fall, like sand through a sieve. I am often a blank slate after making a statement no matter how strong I felt about that statement. If I need to return to a comment or statement, more often than not I have had to recreate the conversation from concepts, from axioms, I recreate the argument,

Idea 1: We see the sun. The sun is true. I perceive some aspects of the truth I am speaking about, and there are some aspects I do not perceive; infrared, high UV, etc. As the sun is the ‘truth’, aspects of the sun are true. In this example I see the truth, just not all the aspects of the truth. So again I wonder if there is truth outside of what I perceive or just other unperceived aspect of it.
Idea 2: If there were a large, sun-sized or larger, body currently between ourselves and the sun, it would block any perceptions I could have of the sun. I have no perception that there is a body between me and the sun, and I have no idea that there is a sun, which is being blocked from me. This would be an example of our human perceptions limiting us from seeing truth. We have no truth pertaining to the unperceivable body. Though having no perceptions at all for some truth is only one possibility, my perception is that most of science, as well as culture, believes there to be truth of which we can know no aspects. I see nothing which would tilt a scientific axiom in the direction of “Idea 2” over “Idea 1.”

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