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 This blog is, by and large, a journal which I plan to employ to categorize varied areas of content, to save/protect my fleeting thoughts, and to aid in theorizing. At the start I am keenly aware of the need to express, and how that need expands beyond the person who begins the specific expression toward truth in general. Because of this, I find it an abhorrent eventuality to think I would have to censor anything in any way. As this exercise is, above all, a pursuit of truth, and as there is value in various points of view, I would like to never delete, redact, or expand anyone’s expression. As this is not a utopia, however, I reserve the right to adjust anything, anytime for any reason.

Welcome to mythoughts - attempting to hold fleeting thought - David B. Reese

Welcome to mythoughts – attempting to hold fleeting thought – David B. Reese

Example part 1: We see the sun. The sun is true. I perceive some aspects of the truth I am speaking about, and there are some aspects I do not perceive; infrared, high UV, etc. As the sun is the ‘truth’, aspects of the sun are true. In this example I see the truth, just not all the aspects of the truth. So again I wonder if there is truth outside of what I perceive or just other unperceived aspect of it.
Example part 2: If there were a large, sun-sized or larger, body currently between ourselves and the sun, it would block any perceptions I could have of the sun. I have no perception that there is a body between me and the sun, and I have no idea that there is a sun, which is being blocked from me. This would be an example of our human perceptions limiting us from seeing truth. We have no truth pertaining to the imperceivable body. Though having no perceptions at all for some truth is only one possibility, my perception is that most of science, as well as culture, believes there to be truth of which we can know no aspects. I see nothing which would tilt a scientific axiom in the direction of “Example part 2” over “Example part 1.”

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