Open Letter to the Benefits Administrative Committee at Nationwide Insurance:
cc: Stephen S. Rasmussen, Chief Executive Officer of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company (NMIC) email redacted
I make this corresponence open to waive the privacy concerns pertaining to all publicly posted documents so that no toll in the resolution of this claim occurs.

I have two specific requests at this time:

  1. Please help make this resolution process such that I may remember Nationwide warmly.
  2. Please fulfil the promise–my salary contributions’ purchase. Please release all back benefits and interest. Please insure that future distributions do not cause me to feel as though I have no voice because of the disregard for me as a person, a client, and a employee I have experienced to date.
If your committee does not currently hold authority for actions which would result in the resolution of my claim for benefits, I request you foward this to teh officer over that section of the company. When I was auditing commercial property claims for Nationwide, there was a video clip about our values. Specifically, Nationwide displayed an associate recieving a phone call about a concern outside her area of operation, so she held the client on hold until she could transfer the client to the associate who was able to resolve the client’s requests. I ask for the same treatment. To date my experience. has meen the opposite.
Thank you for inviting me to forward the Social Security Administration form for Benefit Information stating their determination that July 28, 2009 was the start of my permanent disability. I just recieved this form I was asked to supply.

I have requested disability benefits from the following at Nationwide:

  • From the start – The HR associate placed over me as manager while my “60 day job search” came and went. I was not able to fullfil even the basics of a job search, and I was candid about that point.
  • From the start -The nurse Lovie Bhattal (Lovely Brar), Disability Nurse Specialist at Nationwide Better Health. My wife and I informed Lovie that I was incapable of performing day-to-day employment activity. I was informed that was all right, as I could pursue the search from my home. My health deteriorated iinto 18 month of no movement to speak of, and I was sleepless 20-22 hours in every 24 hour cycle. I say this not about my state, but as way of explaination. I was not able to do much of anything and was in a despondent condition. My psychiatrist, whom I have seen at leasts monthly, had seen only that despondent state. At that point I had strong anxiety, panic attacks, and no feelings of any direction. I came out in a equaly amplified manic eposode. This is when I contacted Source One to see what was happening.
  • Fall 2011 – Several associates at Source One, could find no denial letter pertaining to my claim, nor any information. I told them that my claim had not been denied; it was just ignored as if it never happened. I asked that Nationwide honor its word, as promise is the base of insurance, and proceed with past due benefits, the continuation of benefits, and policy/benefit language. Nothing happened and I called back and explained my position and was put in contact with Cheri.
  • Cheri, Director Associate Health Services Associate Service Center. I explained the situation to Cheri. After a few conversations Cheri thought that this was above her authority and provided contact information to the Benefit Administration Commity.
  • The contact I was given was Mary B. Miller and the Benefits Administrative Committee. You can see the correspondence in your records. This time I request that this actually make it to the BAC as I understand Mary, with considerations from council, decided my request for assistance in perfecting my claim did not contain ample weight to place before the committee and once again I am placed in limbo.
I would welcome to the opportunity to converse with the associate who has the authority to understand, document and correct this neglect. Anything I link on my blog is freely disclosed to demonstrate my sincerity in not wanting concern for my privacy to be responcible for any future delays.
Remaining in warm regards
David B. Reese, M.Div.


  1. Social Security form stating permanant disability back to July, 2009.
  2. Documentation from my doctor that I undertake a trial transitional week for back to work. This was not followed by the nurse or the HR associate. Nationwide placed me back on fulltime, and that prior to the direction from my doctor.
  3. Statement from my psychiatrist that the return to work was conditional and “then if goes well, back to work fulltime.”
  4. When I went back I was given only one mission–job search. Statement from psychiatrist showing this was a task of which I was not capable.
  5. Statement from psychiatrist that the transitional week be part time. Nationwide placed me on full time and did not respond to my requests for disability benefits as I went downhill pertaining to anxiety and despondency.
  6. Nationwide Insurance BAC Response. “The BAC has determined that your request is not properly before this committee.”
  7. Current Condition – Feb 1, 2012 aftercare/discharge from a crisis hospital.

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  1. mythoughts says:

    David, this is to acknowledge receipt of your e-mail, as well as the form from Social Security Administration. I will provide this information to the Benefits Administrative Committee at their next meeting and they can make a determination as to whether this additional information is sufficient to re-open your appeal case. I will communicate in writing the outcome of their review.

    IMPORTANT WARNING: This e-mail is intended for the use of the person(s) to whom it is addressed and contains information that is privileged and confidential, the disclosure of which is governed by applicable law. If the reader of this e-mail is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, copying of this information is prohibited. If you have received this message in error, please notify me immediately and delete the related e-mail.

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